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Faces of Estonian Design

Mon-Sat 12-20, P 12-18

@ Noblessner Valukoda fuajee
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The author of the exhibition, Dan Mikkin, has from time to time been exposed to active Estonian designers. As a photographer capturing the same Estonian designers for years, he is trying to catch them unique manners and small details. No one needs to pose for a portrait - photos bring out the people behind the names. The exhibitions aim is to popularize Estonian design, which has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, but the designers behind the objects are usually unknown (except a few brand-name carriers). The portraits help to tell the story, what the products are designed for and connect them with real makers. It also helps to value design and demarginalize it in a wider audience. Dan Mikkin is a service design focused multi-designer and a co-founder of international service design and branding company Brand Manual.