Jaga üritust

14th Tallinn Design Festival: The Opening Ceremony

16.09. 18.00

@ Noblessner Valukoda  (Peetri 10, 10411 Tallinn, Estonia)
Performance Weird tales I have tried to write

Alissa Šnaider is an artist, choreographer and stylist known for her daring approach to collectivity, mediums and forms. Her sense of theatre-to-become and format-queerness is especially strong in “Three Left Hours (everybody’s piece)” (2015) which earned a special place in Estonian theatre history.

There is tension between dispositions of the body and the mind when the eye doesn’t know in advance what it sees and thought doesn’t know what it should make of it.

Already after the first chapter it became clear that the aforementioned wave is transforming into a liquid, into a condensed matter which, in order to exist, requires very specific conditions. Otherwise it’s no longer fluid but vaporized to gaseous or hardened to solid state.

Is this a performance?
Yes this is a performance.